I think big but can work small. I am fired up by business strategies and believe in the power of communications to create the right outcomes. I live for freewheeling brainstorms but love the rigor of my to-do list, my production schedule and my project grid. I’ve led enormous teams and love to write alone in a quiet room. I’ve thrived in the big agency world and am reveling in the independence of consulting. I am an independent consultant but also have strong ties to a network of exceptional resources who I can call into action as needed.

I have a pile of experience and am confident — and practical — enough to consider no job too big or too small.  As a marketing communications and sustainability specialist, I build 30,000-foot view strategies for brands to enhance reputation and deliver business results across integrated platforms. But I am also hands-on. I write video scripts and manage the shoots. I write op-eds, sales materials and white papers. I craft brand architectures and then write and develop the websites that bring them to life, engaging customers and prospects. I create and manage contests and coordinate the marketing teams to bring them to completion. I facilitate science-based roundtables on complex environmental topics and summarize the findings. I research and document performance measures for supply chain constituents and craft stakeholder reports for transparent understanding.

That’s the real me.  If you want places, dates and specifics, check me out on LInkedIn.