Tell Your Own Heroic Story in a Compelling Way

Our goal for strong positioning is always to help a target recognize a need and become motivated to engage or advocate. Our strategic planning approach harnesses the power of an organization’s leadership and key audiences to articulate not only their offering, but also the benefits of their offering to their constituents. Creating a logical pathway, inspiring out-of-the-box thinking, asking the tough – and sometimes glaringly obvious questions helps leaders understand who they are, what they represent, and how to connect. Our role is to balance input from all constituents, facilitating engagement in and commitment to the final output. The next steps is to translate those brand messages across all communications platforms – from the dais and internet to the sales pitch and trade show floor:

  • Strategic planning
  • Product/service positioning
  • Differentiation, relevance articulation
  • Brand platform workshopping
  • Brand architecture builds
  • Identity definition
  • Family business legacy planning
  • Naming
  • Message segmentation
  • Website and marketing adaptation
  • Stakeholder engagement