A Brand’s Website – One of its Most Valuable Assets

It captures the tone and cultural approach that the entity wishes to portray. It should deliver a clear understanding of the offering and its intended function. It frequently delivers valuable information about an organization’s structure, leadership and products/services. When done well, it should inspire, clarify, encourage and engage audiences from customers to staff to influencers.

• Defining purpose, goals
• Clarifying audiences and their information needs
• Revisiting or crafting brand architecture and messaging
• Developing strategies and structures to best portray the organization
• Defining graphic approach and tonality
• Collaborating with graphic design and web foundation resources
• Aligning with SEO guidance
• Writing and accessing content specialists for input
• Creating and adapting identity, image and visual components
• Developing graphical resources
• Attaining consensus from clients on language and layout
• Troubleshooting