Whether consumer-facing brands, commodity promotions or in the business-to-business sales channel, making products and services compelling and aligned with end-user needs is always an exciting challenge.  From board games to welding fixtures, ice cream to skid steer loaders, or anti-litter campaigns to window and door promotions, I have the experience and motivation to help deliver at any stage of the marketing process:

  • Consumer brand reputation
  • Product communications strategy
  • Customer engagement
  • Manufacturer positioning and sales support
  • Channel marketing
  • Business-to-business and foodservice marketing
  • Copy- and Script-writing
  • Event development and management
  • Sales support/collateral production
  • Issues preparedness/crisis management



I’ve had a life-long commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and the environment.  Inevitably my personal passion crossed over to my professional world as well. I believe that the best solutions to some of our biggest social and environmental challenges lie within the business world.  I also believe that businesses should get credit and material value for the good work they do.  But that does take a commitment to communications to key stakeholders.  That’s where I come in:

  • Vision and platform definition – celebrating opportunities and addressing challenges
  • Product criteria audit and marketing
  • Supply chain development and communications
  • Initiative impact measurement and reporting
  • Performance and ROI improvement
  • Reputation enhancement



Even for professionals, talking about yourself is tough. Telling your own story in a compelling way – one that makes a target recognize a need, become motivated to engage or become advocates – is critical to any organization. I help leaders understand who they are, what they represent to their constituents and how to connect.  I also help translate that brand message across all of their communications platforms – from the dais to the internet to the show floor:

  • Brand platform workshop
  • Brand architecture
  • Identity articulation
  • Naming
  • Message segmentation
  • Marketing adaptation
  • Stakeholder engagement